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An Oriental Bay Owl Dragon! (sporting a blind right eye)

Someone posted an oriental bay owl on their tumblr today and the inspiration just hit me like a truck! I’m exceedingly shaky with color as this was a great first-step to reintroducing myself to it. So here you have it, a semi-speed paint as I fought with a particularly finicky brush that I decided to use for the first time! It’s really messy and sloppy, but I enjoy the result nonetheless. c:

Thanks for lookin’!

Dug this thing out of the dust!
I’ve only started to really sketch these dragons out, but so far Kroxxis (crow-sis) is roughed out. Her mate, Obreille (oh-brail), will get the sketch treatment next followed by the poor, nameless, and incinerated dragon in the middle. I call him ‘Swampy’. Kroxxis is the dragon I’m thinking about bringing to Agrondrae, if she’s approved. She’ll need a reference sheet. ;)

I would have had this all sketched out tonight and ready for detailing and color but Flight Rising released a new gene today so I’ve been intermittently stalking the marketplace to no avail, haha.

And for those curious, this is 33% actual size. I’ll bump the image size even higher when I begin to paint over the sketch and line work!
Anyway, thanks for lookin’!

Edit: Alternative title - Swampy’s Bad Day

"Haunt" - Dream Aspect of that feeling of cold, calculating dread

She’s the ‘dream aspect’ I took the form of in a dream I had the other night. You can read about it here. This is the best look I had of her face. She’d phase in and out of the shadows as a silver whisper, hunting her adversaries in a shadowy, frozen arena. I’ve come to call her ‘Haunt’ because of that unshakeable feeling of being watched just when you think you’re alone in a cold, dark room.

She and Big Blue, I’ve inwardly searched, are different aspects from each other. Twins manifesting somewhat polar opposites. Where Big Blue is pompous and proud of her power, Haunt stalks from the abyss, playing with her prey and feeding on its fear.

Yay, dream talk!

Turned into Big Blue in my dream again last night! Boy, have I missed that dream aspect. :D

I was fighting mages in an ice arena this time. I guess that makes sense given she bellows gouts of flame? Except she wasn’t quite the same color this time around.. Nor was her breath weapon fire, but frost. Where on the image I drew of [Big Blue] she has wonderful yellows and hints of greens, this version had grey and white mottling. She had a very silvery dressing to her deep blue scales. I’m guessing her element changes depending on the dream. If I can dream as her again in a different setting maybe that’ll be the final nail in that coffin.

Or maybe she’s a different aspect sharing identical physical traits sans coloration? I felt immensely calmer, calculating, and defensive but the predatory drive was still there. Hm.


(Question from my account)

I’ve been asked a lot about developing styles and improving so I thought I would make an advice comic for you lovelies~ :>

It’s so hard to explain about our development in art styles. We may be influenced by the same things, but how we illustrate, express, and think is completely different. It’s not something you can buy or learn in a class.

Remember that age doesn’t matter and it’s never too late. You can draw whether you’re 30 or 13. You’re still young! And there’s no rush. We learn at our pace and should be proud of ourselves for continuing to draw. Not many people realize that art is a pretty tough field and I know a couple that have given up and chosen other paths.

Improvement will happen if you keep on doing what you love. It will take time but keep practicing and months (or years) from now you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve progressed. Soon your doodles that used to take you 2 hours will take only a minute or less.

But again, you have to just do it. This applies with music, performance, or anything else. Tutorials, books, and advices won’t mean anything unless you actually do it.

Don’t think about what anyone will think, if you’ll be famous or not, or if you’ll develop a “unique” style. Just start drawing. Fanart, figure drawing, animals, anime, just do it!!

You will improve and you will create great things. Just do it!!

I hope this helps!

This is important.

To anyone who has ever commented to me or anyone else by saying ‘I wish I was at your level’ or similar response — don’t discredit the years of practice, patience, and self-improvement it took for myself and others to get where they are currently. More importantly, reflect that small consideration onto yourself. You can achieve your goals if YOU take action. Wishing, hoping, and dreaming are not conducive to your meeting that goal.

You have to do something.

Don’t feel disappointed in your own abilities if someone picks something up faster than you, either. You are probably miles ahead at something else but neglect to realize it. Just trust in and push yourself. That’s all there is to it.


Anonymous asked:

Do you have any hints for lining a sketch? Your lineworks always look so neat and detailed, mine are crappy all the time xD What kind of settings/brush sized do you use for them or what program do you use? Some say PaintToolSAI works best for linearts, do you agree if you use this program? c:

Hello there! I use Photoshop exclusively, never touched Sai so I wouldn’t know any settings to suggest for that. As for Photoshop, I have a rather tedious way of lining - I create a rough sketch, a refined sketch, and then I line over that. Usually. Sometimes I just line straight from the rough, it depends on how I’m feeling at the moment.

Typical brush settings are around the 5px hard brush area with 100% opacity.

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