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I’ve already made is viciously apparent in my family that this is how I want my carcass disposed of. Graveyards are a waste of space.

Same here!! I told my family that I wanted to be apart of an artificial reef when I die, even have the company picked out back in Florida. Hell, it’s in my Will. :)

And agreed: normal grave sites are an immense waste of space.

I just searched for it in the App Store — it isn’t free and I just don’t trust non official apps — especially with all the malware and spyware going on in the app market now. But thanks for the heads up, I’m sure someone reading this will find it useful!

I’m on mobile 99% of the time I log into Tumblr so I can’t block the tag — which is why I have to unfollow people. I wish there was an official extension or add-on for mobile users that would allow me to block certain tags.

Hopefully no one is offended by that, it’s my only resort besides never browsing tumblr at all.



This picture is from Brisbane Bird Vet and shows blood taken from a bird on a seed diet, who was suffering from fatty liver disease beside a blood sample from a bird on a healthy diet. Yes that is FAT in the left hand tube. A seed diet will shorten your bird’s life dramatically. We lost a bird last week who had lived on seed his entire life. The damage was too extensive to fix by the time he got here. Please, do not feed your birds a seed diet, and if they have been on seed, please see an avian vet for a full blood work-up and information on converting to a pellet/vegetable diet. ~Jacque

Finally, a post about it! An all seed diet will literally kill your bird.

This is extremely important for bird owners. If you have your avian companion(s) on a seed diet please wean them off of it as soon as you can!

I recommend Zupreem pellet diets with appropriate fresh vegetable/fruit sides. My boys take to Zupreem like a kid to candy. Ask your vet what diet plan they think would be best for your particular bird, that’s how I learned about the brand I’m using now and have been for years. My vet has continuously praised how healthy both mentally and physically my boys are (and they’re pretty darn old)! TALK TO YOUR VET!! :)

If you’re wondering why I never talk about my life in the military anymore — it’s really quite simple!

1) Certain people had been reblogging every military post I made. That is a major red flag. I’ve banned one account that was cross-posting to a word press.

2) OPSEC (operational security). None of you need to know where I work, what I do, the shifts that I’m on, so on and so forth. Especially given my AFSC. I have to protect myself as well as my work place and those in it. I’ve already gone back and deleted many posts that gave away a little too much information to my liking.

TL;DR - I’m just being safe. :)







That is a very, very, very pissed off cockatiel. :(

Note for bird owners and aspiring bird owners — crest flat and beak open means ‘don’t mess with me!’ Give your bird space when they feel the need for it; it WILL help you to build trust by understanding your feathered companion’s body language. :>

Psst, do you own a cockatiel? Yes, theoretically, crest back and beak gaping can mean upset and this one looks mildly so but it’s also a one second piece of film on loop. Parrot language is waaay more complex than that. Cockatiels are regularly the most huffy puffy shitty little birds towards even their favorite people, every day, sometimes even for random reasons! My bird is perfectly hand tame and completely bonded to me and she still does this face for certain reasons and if I was taking a video for the internet I know exactly how to make her do it, it’s really more of a mood thing and she’s not permanently upset by it at all, nor is her trust damaged in any way! I can be cuddling her and just click my tongue and she makes this face and I regularly give her a boop and she promptly asks for more scritches and life is hunky-dory. I understand the slew of tumblr ranting about gifs of cute-but-unhappy animals, but this is just not deserving of one and I hope it doesn’t spread like wildfire. I’ve worked with over 30 cockatiels in the past few years and this is not a bird that is truly scared or upset, merely mildly offended, as all cockatiels tend to be on most occasions. Truly upset cockatiels will not let you touch them at all, let alone boop their beak.

The best way to learn to recognize bird body language is to live with a bird for awhile. I can list at least ten different scenarios where a cockatiel has it’s crest back and isn’t angry. And giving a bird space when you already have a bond with it doesn’t do anything to improve your relationship. This is harmless and brief teasing, which personally I think is a little healthy and a regular part of every bird owners life, I promise all animals are a little thicker skinned than you might think. :)

I’ve had cockatiels, males and female, for 26 years and counting (my oldest, still alive and kicking is 24 years now; all have been fully bonded to me as well! Boops and cuddles!).

My statement was a simple generalization.

Though I’m sure others out there who have little experience wit the birds will appreciate your added input!

10 years of experience in parrot behavior and a wildlife biologist major, thebluefloof is right. This bird is not happy. At all. Owners should respect their animals or not have them at all. There’s no gray area in that. This gif is a perfect example of a less than happy cockatiel. I’ve kept cockatiels for over 21 years now. The inexperienced tend to anthropomorphize their pets to justify their actions. In the pet industry, those who boast their many years of experience have it completely wrong at the start. Animals survive. Making them thrive is a different story.

Rebloggin’ for invisiblecatfish's commentary! In regards to the overall text — animals are going to have a complex set of emotions, but as someone who has had this specific species of bird for as long as I have I can instantly ascertain what the bird is immediately feeling just by quick body language alone. Hence the quick quip of 'this is not a happy bird'. My original statement is directed toward those who don't know better (such as people unfamiliar with the animal as a whole) and think it's cute when the animal is under some stress as portrayed here. invisiblecatfish sums it ul nicely as well.


… And soon the slain brothers began to writhe and twitch under his crooked claws. Their bodies entwining and liquifying into lumps of flesh and scale, horn and tooth. Their eyes sunk inward, seemingly melting into gobs of anomalous organs. A terrible coughing and gurgling began wracking one sinuous neck only to violently spew forth a new and twisted maw rending the jaws from the previous into a toothy frame. One after another the siblings cried out in a terror as the remaining fragments of their individual minds shattered. Their wheezing screams were ceaseless.

A hollow hissing of a roar boomed over the battlefield, "Return to your Shade-Mother, Emperor! My Father formed me in His image. I am His perfection.. Unlike your morbid corpse." The ridgeback snarled, jutting his extendable jaws forward before sinking his fangs and raking talons into the flesh of the monster. Utilizing his own enormity and sound senses, the ridgeback prevented the emperor from taking ground as it continued its grotesque formation. The jerking and trembling struggle of the two beasts would continue for sometime before one of the combatants finally slumped motionless.

Just a WIP of a little something I’m working on that I wanted to share with you guys! :D

… I think I may need more Ridgebacks and Guardians in my lair to combat the huge amount of Imperials residing there should something happen. Oops.

Cross-posting from my Flight Rising tumblr. :D
Just a teeny work in progress, eee.

An Oriental Bay Owl Dragon! (sporting a blind right eye)

Someone posted an oriental bay owl on their tumblr today and the inspiration just hit me like a truck! I’m exceedingly shaky with color as this was a great first-step to reintroducing myself to it. So here you have it, a semi-speed paint as I fought with a particularly finicky brush that I decided to use for the first time! It’s really messy and sloppy, but I enjoy the result nonetheless. c:

Thanks for lookin’!

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