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It’s that time of the year again

… For me to start looking at upgrades for my computer, namely a new graphics card(s) for my ol’ i7-930 (currently running dual Radeon 5770s, yeah. I need to upgrade). It still runs like brand new despite everything I throw at it gaming-wise but I’d like to upgrade to a more powerful card. I have the power to spare packed in, and I’m not worried about the power required to run it what with my power supply, but I am slightly worried about bottle necking. I’m interested in the R9 series, notably the 290s, but I need to do more research. I’d be willing to give Nvidia a go again, I haven’t had one of those cards in a long time.

Guess I’ll ask around the squadron for ideas.

WIP - Color test. Because it’s a rough, these exact colors are not set in stone and are extremely likely to change. Knowing me, I’m likely to go with something more vivid and vibrant especially when I begin to paint the ‘true’ colors. The colors represented at this stage are always akin to a ‘wash' you'd apply to a canvas at the initial color stage. As dark as it appears it may lighten up a bit in the end. c:

Umbra Venators are meant to blend into the underbrush, being mostly nocturnal hunters. I’ll try to make them stand out a bit more for aesthetic value but I don’t want to lose that essential characteristic of their specie.

Revisited my previous WIP, I truthfully hated the earlier composition and lack of perspective on the species.

So rather than having a young male Umbra Venator chasing after an odd deer specimen I’ve only ever glimpsed twice in my dreams I now have two pups (male and female, it’s a rarity for umbras to have more than one pup at a time) practicing their hunting skills while their mother watches on (with a wonderful end-hunt present dangling in her mouth). Much better, yes. I’m inspired. I can paint this now. c:


Molten Scar
Oh hey, I finished it. Nothing super painterly, just a nice rough smooth painting. I didn’t have time to really sit down and truly ‘paint’ with this which I’m really sad about, but this is the best I can get done for now. Stupid time constraints. s:

The title redirects to the image posted to my DA gallery — much bigger and crisper.

Rebloggin’ to my main art blog ~


A work in progress of the guardian dragon, Calibur, for Zygarde as part of the Wind Flight Art Jamboree Raffle! Currently in sketching phase, but later on when it’s more refined I’ll start painting, and when I do I’ll be sure to let y’all know as I plan to stream it. c:

'Till then I have plenty of fixing up to do with the anatomy, yay for rough sketches and planning! Thanks for looking. :>

Rebloggin’ to my main art blog! c:


Red-winged Blackbirds will eat bread from your hand if you are still and patient enough. I filmed this one in slow motion with my iPhone.

General PSA: Do not feed wild or captive birds bread, especially ducks and geese!

Bread is a harmful food for avians, it can cause malnutrition if they are over fed (bread has very little nutrition), in particular ducks and geese can suffer from ‘angel wing’ which effects their ability to take flight (migration, fleeing predators, etc.). Bread can also cause a harmful amount of bacteria increase in the water, polluting it essentially if there is too much being thrown (any bread at all is too much bread).

If you love and respect wild birds, don’t feed’em bread! (or anything really, let nature take its course - backyard bird-feeders may be the only exception, but be sure to do your research and feed your visitors with nutritious offerings!).

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