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"Churning the Sandstorms"

(If it’s difficult to tell, he’s upside down in this image, like a breaching whale)

It’s Ahn! The overseer of fire elementals on Aeris. While Ahn is genderless, it is often associated with masculinity, so many cultures will refer to it as ‘he’ or ‘him’.

Ahn is typically associated with sandstorms, torches, fire-pits, spears, arthropods, and those that are very competitive and free-spirited in Sartian culture. Ahn is seen as a good omen to the Sartuk as the deity is rather neutral-minded, literally doing what it wants. When it wants. Where it wants. Ahn does not seek out confrontation with the other deities but enjoys contests — it makes elemental dominance on Aeris interesting when one of the gods is treating it as a game. Destruction is repulsive to Ahn, he prefers the wonderment and awe from a grand and dazzling display of flame spirals rather than the burning of villages.

Followers of Ahn tend to be rather helpful and playful beings, helping travelers along their way with song and theater, but seldom stay in one place for very long. Like their deity, Ahn’s followers and worshipers commonly suffer from wanderlust.

Ahn’s favorite ventures take him to hot sandy deserts where his flames will glass the sands while he swirls and swoops. When the deity tires, he has often been seen diving into molten sands where he coils and waits until bursting from the dunes into the sky once more.

His call is akin to a humpback whale’s song (the first thing you hear in this video). Ahn has also been known to make pulsing rumbles (0:25 into the vid) which vibrate the sands, even hard-packed dirt, when he’s underground and pulses are rather unnerving to beings who’ve never encountered the deity before.

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